How To Approach A Woman That Makes Her Not Only See You As An Attractive Man She Must Get To Know…

But Actually Gets Her Turned On As She Is Talking To You

This Trick Is So Easy You Could Learn It In 30 Seconds And It Works Especially Well On Those Smoking Hot Snotty Women Who Usually Don’t Give Any Man The Time Of Day

From Romi Rain- Google Ranked #1 Adult Film Star in the World & Professional Wing Girl

Do you want to know the quickest, most effective way to get inside a girl’s panties?

Becuase women can be hard to figure out sometimes. They can make things complicated.

Well what if you had a surefire shortcut?

A way to make any woman irresistibly attracted to you…

So that you could get her into bed within hours or even minutes of meeting her?

And once you had in her in bed…you could turn her on and satisfy her so deeply that she’d think, “Holy Sh*t! This guy is amazing!!”

And want to be with you again and again…

Well, the good news is…there IS such a shortcut.

My name is Romi Rain….

Some of you may already know who I am from my films or seen me in magazines such as Penthouse, Hustler, and Club International…or maybe you're one of the 60,000 subscribers to my controversial newsletter, "How to Get One Night Stands"….

Romi Rain, Adult Actress and Pro Wing Girl

What you might not know about me is that for the last 6 years, I've been a Dating Coach.

I started out as a professional "wing girl”…

guys would pay me to go out to bars with them, and help them meet & attract hot women.

Over the years I’ve developed some innovative techniques that have helped dozens of guys hook up with some super-hot girls…

Ordinary guys who had almost no skills with women before are now enjoying happy, fulfilling romantic relationships…starting families with their soul mates…

Other guys prefer to play the field and date LOTS of beautiful women…

But here’s why I want you to read this letter…

Because there is a DARK SIDE to the dating scene that most so-called “pickup artists” never tell you about…

In the course of my career as a wing girl…

A few of my students have gone on to ABUSE their new powers…

Having sex with scores of different women every night of the week…psychologically manipulating & controlling them, and then using women up for their own satisfaction…having wild sex with them and then ABANDONING them…

WARNING: If YOU are one of these types of guys…If you have ever verbally, emotionally, or physically abused a woman….please do me a favor and leave this page NOW.

If you’re still here, I’m going to assume it’s because you’re a good guy, looking to find a woman to spend your life with, but maybe you don’t know how to talk to women yet…

And you’re tired of all the typical advice you get on “pickup artist” forums…Most of which has no basis in real science and is totally bogus.

And that’s why I want to share these secrets with you…Because there is another way to go about attracting women…

An approach based on real, tested science…and based on how women’s minds work, which is WAY different from mens’.

I’ll explain more on that in just a bit…

But first…ask yourself if you are truly satisfied with your love life.

And be brutally honest with yourself.

Are you as confident with women as you’d like to be?

Or…is this you:

Maybe you get crippling anxiety around women…the fear overwhelms you and you end up getting tongue tied around women you’re attracted to.

Does this ever happen to you:

When you’re around a girl you’re NOT attracted to, you can be super cool, funny, and smart…you can be yourself, like you are around other guys.

But then when you’re around a really HOT woman you ARE attracted to….something happens and it’s like your brain shuts off.

You can’t think…when you try to speak, you end up saying something that just sounds awkward, and you usually end up walking away feeling totally REJECTED

And so you end up being alone, because it gets to the point where you don’t even TRY to talk to women anymore, rather than risk putting your foot in your mouth or being rejected.

If so, you’re not alone…LOTS of other guys have told me they have this same problem.

But in 99% of my clients, I’ve been able to turn this around and make these same guys able to make women laugh, spark up conversations, and even get horny to the point where they have sex that night.

Let me ask you another question:

Have you ever wondered how some guys can just walk into a room and turn the head of every woman in there? I’m sure you’ve seen it happen…

Guys who just radiate so much confidence…They can literally just pick out the woman they want to sleep with…go up to her, and most of the time…end up going home with her.

This is not the stuff of fantasy…this happens all the time, all around the world, every night.
Guys who go out there and have the skills to just make women so attracted to them…that they will forget all their “rules” and sleep with a guy on the very first night.

In this letter, I’m going to show you how you can get those skills…Any guy can learn it, and use it to make the women YOU choose feel instantly ATTRACTED to you…

It doesn’t matter what you look like, if you’re overweight, or what kind of car you drive…this works for any guy, on EVERY girl.

In fact, I want to tell you a story of one guy who had such a powerful transformation that he became exactly the kind of guy I tried to warn you about…

And how he made this hot XXX star fall for him with the same tricks I taught him!

His Name Was Levi... Here's How It All Began

This was a little over a year ago. I had a great apartment in downtown Hollywood…perfect location for shopping, nightclubs, everything…and a really cute place.

But the problem was, I had a roommate who was nothing but trouble.

She was another XXX star…I won’t name names, but let’s just say she’s become known in the business as a liability…emotionally unstable, there was always TONS of drama going down at the apartment with some guy or other…

I couldn’t take it anymore. She had to go.

Thankfully, I got her out of there without much trouble. But I still needed a roommate.
And this time, I wanted to avoid all the drama that comes from living with another girl…

So I decided I’d get a male roommate. But…It had to be a guy that I was absolutely NOT attracted to…

So there was NO chance I’d hook up with him.

I put out an ad on Craigslist for a male roommate, non-smoker only.

I got a lot of responses. But no one was right…with each guy, there was something I saw that might make me want to sleep with him.

I thought I’d never find the right guy. Until Levi walked through my door.

Right away, I knew he’d be a good candidate. He was about 30 lbs overweight, slouched around with bad posture, dressed like a total dork…

I could tell he was so nervous to be around a woman like myself…He was stammering, and wouldn’t even make eye contact with me.

In other words, he was perfect.

I told him he could move in immediately. There was absolutely ZERO chance I’d EVER hook up with this guy.

And for a few months, everything was great. I went about my business in peace, and almost never even heard from Levi.

But pretty soon…I actually started to feel sorry for him.

He didn’t have any friends…He had no car, he was still getting money from his parents. He mostly stayed home playing World of Warcraft…

And a few times, when I would bring some of my girlfriends over to hang out, he’d come out and awkwardly try to make conversation with them…

But he was sooo uncomfortable around women…it was almost painful.

I actually started to feel sorry for him!

Now, like I said…I’ve been a “wing girl” for about 6 years now.

Guys pay me hundreds of dollars an hour to go out with them, and help them figure out what’s going on inside a woman’s mind when they interact with them…

I give them scientifically proven techniques that play on a woman’s deepest instinct to make her uncontrollably aroused…

And defenseless against a man’s advances.

So I thought to myself….

If anybody needs this information, it’s Levi.

I decided right then and there to take him
'under my wing'

I went into his room one night and said “Levi, you need my help. I’m going to get you laid or die trying. Get dressed…we’re going out.”

And so…he threw on a clean pair of jeans and his least dorky shirt…

And we went out to a bar together. Once we got there, I told him to approach a girl - any girl - and to try to hold a conversation for at least 5 minutes.

He went up to a somewhat plain-looking brunette standing in a group of 4 or 5 girls. I stood nearby and listened.

It was painful. He tried to make small talk for a minute or two, then the girl, in the politest way possible, told him that they were having a girls night out and wanted him to leave…


He walked away, totally dejected, ready to quit. But I wasn’t giving up so easily. I quickly pointed out several things he had done wrong…

For example, he went into a group of girls and went directly to the girl he was interested in…he didn’t even acknowledge the other girls. That’s a big no-no with ladies.

When approaching women in a group, ALWAYS address the entire group first. That is just Attraction 101.

There are then ways of subtly directing your attention to your target girl…without making it too obvious that you are hitting on her.

You do NOT want to arouse any kind of “pack mentality” in a group of women…They will literally DESTROY whatever chances you may be having with your target, because she will feel the peer pressure from her fiends and back away…even if she was interested before.

There were lots of other things that Levi could have done to make the girl interested…I noticed them right away.

Things that guys who are “natural players” just instinctively do to make women attracted to them…but which any guy can learn.

Sometimes even knowing simple things…like how long to keep eye contact with a girl for, even when it might feel uncomfortable to you…and WHEN you should break eye contact with a girl…

This stuff is SUPER important for sending unconscious signals to a girl that make her interested in you in a SEXUAL WAY…

Because us humans are basically primates. And WHAT you say to a woman matters much less than HOW you say it…your body language, tone of voice…your gestures, attitude, and confidence.

But because guys are so MIXED UP in today’s society…Most of them have NO CLUE how to talk to women anymore…and that’s why they need girls like me, to explain what’s going on inside a girls’ head…

And why some things a guy does can turn a girl ON…But why some other things can turn her OFF
But anyways back to my story…

I started laying the groundwork for Levi that night. He had no better luck with any other women at the bar that night…

But I was determined to turn this guy’s life around! Seeing him so lonely and awkward all the time was just…depressing.

So we kept at it…We went out night after night, and during the days, too, to grocery stores, libraries, any place where women might be…

And, “in the field,” I was able to drop some knowledge on Levi on what makes a woman tick.

little by little…
He started to get the hang of it!

At first, that just meant he was able to talk to a woman for several minutes without totally creeping her out.

Within a few weeks, he had gotten some phone numbers, and went on a few dates. Still no action yet…But I kept working with him on that.

Teaching him the techniques to escalate a woman’s physical attraction to you…slowly, so you don’t risk going too fast and turning her off.

Then, teaching him how to begin touching a woman…the right time to go in for a kiss…stuff every woman knows but which most will NEVER reveal to a man because they’re afraid it will give him too much power.

And it didn’t take long before Levi had his first make out session with a girl he met while we were at the mall one afternoon. (We were actually in the food court, and he asked for her number in line at a Sbarro’s pizza!)

She wasn’t the hottest girl in the world, but not bad! They went out, and…using the escalation techniques I had taught him, he successfully put the moves on her! No sex yet, but at least he was beginning to get some action…

And I could already see his personality start to change…he was WAY more confident, he started looking people in the eye more.

And because he started having more confidence, he started doing things that made him even more attractive…he actually began exercising, and trying to dress better.

Finally, he did it…
He went ALL THE WAY with a girl.

In fact, I was having breakfast one morning, and all of a sudden I see a slender, 20-something blonde girl walk out of Levi’s room and head quietly out the door.

I went into Levi’s room and asked him…Soooo…what the heck happened?

He told me all the details…How he was going to stay home last night, but decided at the last minute to go out to an all-night diner…

Once he laid eyes on the young beauty sitting at the counter, he made up his mind he was going to have her.

He slid up to her using one of the approach strategies I had taught him, and began using all my techniques to create an instant, powerful attraction…

And it worked so well, that afet about an hour and a half of intense conversation, he took her back to the apartment, and well…sealed the deal!

I was extremely proud…and happy for Levi.

“Well,” I said, “Looks like my work is done here. The rest is up to you.”

But Levi was just getting started.

See, Levi was such a sweet guy in the beginning. I really thought that he would use the techniques I gave him to find a nice girl who had the same interests as him and start a relationship.

But his transformation was so total…His confidence had grown by leaps & bounds since I first met him…

And he had been so lonely, for so long…

That he went the complete other direction. He began seducing & sleeping with as many women as he possibly could.

Each one was hotter than the last…

Within two months of losing his virginity with that girl from the diner, he was bringing home a different girl at least 3 times a week…

Keeping me up with the sounds of loud, wild, freaky sex…

Ass-slapping, moaning, yelling…you name it. Usually the sex didn’t take too long, because he was still new to it…

But he’d go at it again & again…and raise quite a racket.

At first, I thought to myself, “Good for him. He’s making up for lost time.”

And there was also something else happening around this time…

Something kind of weird…

Now, up until this point, I had thought of Levi as like my little brother. I was fond of him, in a protective way…I wanted to help him, and I was glad to see him finally not so lonely.
But all of a sudden…

I noticed myself starting to feel different about him…

Like, I actually started thinking to myself, “Gee…Levi is actually looking kind of HOT lately.”
I don’t know what it was…he had lost a little weight, but it wasn’t that. He was no male model, believe me…

But just something about the way he carried himself with so much confidence…
I noticed myself starting to flirt with him a little bit!

And the weird thing is, I knew WHY I was feeling this way - It was because he was using all the female mind-manipulation techniques that I had taught him.

But even though I knew this…I was still powerless to control my feelings for him! That’s how powerful these techniques are.

And then…it happened.
The very thing I had been trying to avoid.

One night, I came home late after hanging out with a few girlfriends. I had probably had one too many margaritas, so I was a little “loosened up.”

Levi was having an off-night, hanging out by himself, texting on his phone (probably some girl he was trying to hook up with)…

And we started chatting. As the conversation went on, I found myself flirting harder & harder with him…

Until eventually, it happened…

I leaned over and kissed him.

And, well…that’s not all that happened. I’ll let you fill in the rest….let’s just say neither of us got much sleep that night. =)

I knew I wasn’t supposed to be sleeping with my roommate…But I just couldn’t help myself. I was so attracted to him, my body just took over.

And it didn’t end that night…for the next 2 weeks, we slept together almost every night.
I must say, in the beginning, even though he’d slept with a slew of girls by then…

He wasn’t that great in bed, to put it mildly. Wham, bam…thank you, ma’am.
But luckily, as an adult film star, I had a few sexual tricks up my sleeve.

I started showing him a few things, some easy-to-learn secrets that allow a guy to last longer, for example…

And how to hit spots on - and IN - a woman’s body that can make her literally ERUPT in pleasure.

And pretty soon, we started having some pretty amazing sex.

On top of that, I was just so attracted to him..and I still couldn’t figure out why. He wasn’t even my type.

He had me HOOKED
Honestly …I was kind of falling for him.

But then, everything changed.

On top of that, I was just so attracted to him..and I still couldn’t figure out why. He wasn’t even my type.

I came home one night and heard some sounds coming from Levi’s bedroom…sexual sounds.

I banged on his door as loud as I could. “Levi!” I yelled. “I know you’ve got another girl in there!! Open up!”

After a few minutes of shuffling sounds, the door opened. Out came a girl in a state of partial undress. I saw Levi on the bed behind her, pulling on a pair of boxers.

“And don’t come back!” I spat at the trollop as she exited the apartment.

Then I turned to Levi. “How could you?” I asked. “What the fuck??!”

He just looked up and told me to chill out, He didn’t understand why I was making a fuss. He said he didn’t think that we were “exclusive” with each other, since we had never talked about it.

Pause button. WHAT? Since we had been sleeping together almost every night for the past several weeks, I guess I just assumed that we were “dating.” But he’s right, we had never officially declared that we were exclusive.

ANd then, Levi finished getting dressed and walked out of the apartment, trying to track down the girl I had booted out of his bed.

I sat there on the couch, feeling CRUSHED.

I had literally created the very situation I was trying to avoid by choosing a male roommate I wasn’t attracted to.

And it only got worse…

We never slept together again.

Levi Turned into a Womanizing MONSTER

He ramped up his sexcapades….bringing home at least one girl a night, and sometimes TWO!

He would keep me up all night with his wild sex romps…Some of the noises I heard coming from his bedroom were just plain BIZARRE. And LOUD.

I even came home one evening to find him banging a girl right on the kitchen counter. GROSS! As I walked away, I could hear the both of them laughing.

Levi was rubbing it in my face. He could have any girl he wanted…and he did.

And I know he wasn’t treating these girls well. H was using the attraction strategies I had given him for evil, not for good.

He was abusing his powers. I felt terrible about showing him my secrets.

Eventually, it got the point where I had to move out of my own apartment. I’ve since moved in with a girlfriend, the adult film superstar Shawna Lenee.

And slowly, she helped me get over Levi. Now I’ve realized that it wasn’t me who made him into the grade-A ASSHOLE he’s become…

He was always that way. And the confidence he gained from the skills I gave him just allowed his true nature to reveal itself.

Which brings me to where I am today…

I decided I’m no longer going to be a personal dating coach.

I don’t want to be responsible for unleashing another emotionally abusive jerk-wad like Levi.

However…My friend Shawna convinced me that it was wrong to keep all the information I’ve gained in my experience as a “wing girl” and dating coach to myself.

She explained that were tons of GOOD GUYS out there who could really use these techniques to meet their soul-mateand start great relationships and beautiful families…

Guys who, without my knowledge, might never have the confidence to even approach the girl of their dreams.

She said that even if 1 guy out 100 turned out to be like Levi…it would still be worth it.

And you know what….she’s right.

So I decided to put it all out there, one last time, for good…

There’s now a way for you to learn ALL of my most advanced attraction secrets… WITHOUT having to pay me hundreds of dollars an hour as your personal dating coach.

It’s a new program I've worked really hard on to teach good guys the secret techniques for making any woman hot, horny, & ready for sex...

I call it:

Blow Her Mind The First Time 2.0
He had me HOOKED
Honestly …I was kind of falling for him.

The follow-up to the best-selling program with Tasha, that’s helped thousands of guys meet, attract, and satisfy beautiful women.

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your pants the first chance she gets….

Whether you're looking to find a great girl and settle down...or have some fun playing the field…this system works for ANY guy.

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Here's more of what you'll discover:

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  • The SECRET to making a woman see you as a sexual partner rather than as just a friend. This one weird trick instantly ignites sexual chemistry…it's what all "natural" players do to score with women, and once you learn it, your life will never be the same!

  • The Step-By-Step Method To Getting A Girl From A Date To The Bedroom...When you do it right, SHE will be the one making the move on you….

  • First Kiss Magic - How To Get It Without Rejection. I'll show you how to read a woman's body language so clearly you'll know the exact moment to swoop in.

  • What To Do The Next Day And Over The Next Few Days To Have The Relationship You Want. Did you know, 8 out of 10 women feel insecure after sex the first time…I'll show you a guaranteed way to make her feel good instead, & to get her excited about hooking up with you again!

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You still here?

OK, good….

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Penny Pax
  • Why it’s not just a matter of going faster or slower….(A lot of guys think just going faster will do the trick - trust me, they couldn’t be MORE wrong)….

  • How to look for the secret signals a girl gives off during sex that indicate the tempo she wants to be f*%#ed at…Marcus shows you exactly what to look - and LISTEN - for…

  • How to hone in on the right thrusting speed…so your body can become perfectly IN SYNCH with her natural rhythm…Until she ERUPTS in a powerful, mind-melting orgasm.

  • How to time your orgasm to hers, so you both climax together…92% of women in a recent poll said that coming together during sex is ESSENTIAL to forming a deep emotional bond with a man
  • And a whole lot more…

This is literally all about “making beautiful music together” with a woman to create one of the most INTENSE, emotionally-satisfying…and ADDICTIVE experiences you and your girl can ever have.

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Bonus #2 is called: “ONE NIGHT STAND MASTERY”

Here, Marcus goes into explicit detail on everything you need to know to have a successful one night stand.

You will learn:

Gracie Glam
  • How to target the right kind of girls for “first night” sex and how to avoid wasting your time with girls who will NEVER have sex on the first date.

  • A special position that makes you feel a full 2 INCHES bigger and thicker inside of her!

  • How to escalate sexual desire quickly and effectively, without risking turning her off…and how to recover if you do make a “whoopsie”

  • A guaranteed way to give ANY GIRL an orgasm the first time you’re with her, just by using your tongue and 3 fingers

  • How to prime the “deep spot” for HUGE squirting orgasms - the very first time you F*@k!!
  • How to keep her as your F#@k-Buddy for as long as you want, with no strings attached….IF you’re interested, that is.

Gracie Glam…Winner of the 2011 AVN Award for Best New Starlet.

She’s one of the top adult film star in the business, and I’m super excited to be working with her.

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Bonus #3 is called: “PRESELECTION SCIENCE”

This program is all about how to maximize your chances of immediate success with a woman, using a woman’s biological instincts to YOUR advantage.

By observing non-verbal body cues, mannerisms, reactions, and even the tone of her voice…you can identify which girl gives you the best chances of success

Using similar tactics as FBI interrogators, you will be able to not only ask her the RIGHT questions, but know how to anticipate her answers…

So it seems like you’re totally INSIDE HER HEAD. This gives you a huge advantage with any women, even women who you’ve known for a long time.

You’ll also learn:

Lea Lexis
  • “The Weapon of Mass Seduction”: a technique that lets you use women you’re “just friends” with to help you attract even HOTTER women

  • Ways to make her think you’ve already been with dozens of beautiful women…even if you’re still a virgin!

  • How to cue up her deepest sexual instincts with a nifty trick called the “3 eyed doggie”…trust me, you’re not gonna believe how effective this one is…especially with those super-hot women like models most men are deathly afraid to even approach.

  • How to pass the subconscious mental tests all women subject you to

  • How to melt the ice with even the coldest ice queen and make her HOT for you…even if she’s already told you she’s not interested in you

  • How to tell if a woman is attracted to you by a very subtle body language clue most men miss…and which women are not even aware of! (Hint: This one involves something she does with her lips…)

This program features Marcus with the stunning Lea Lexis…This girl was also a “wing girl” and a dating expert as well as one of the most exciting performers in adult films today.

And finally, Bonus #4 is: “Subconscious Re-Wiring”

Here, you’ll learn sophisticated techniques drawn from breakthroughs in the field of neurology…

That allow you to create strong attraction, without her even being aware of it.

You’ll learn about:

Ela Darling
  • The discovery of “mirror neurons” in women’s brains…This explains why a woman will subconsciously “mirror” your actions without even knowing it. You can use this insight to gently control her behavior and make her uncontrollably attracted to you.

  • How to use certain words to implant dirty thoughts about you in her head

  • How to turn a “No” into a “Yes”

  • The 5 words you should NEVER utter to any woman you are trying to sleep with

  • How to get her to confess her deepest desires & fears in a normal conversation, giving you access to her deepest emotions

  • A trick for unlocking her sexuality using an easy-to-learn “memory game”

And lots, lots more...
Here Marcus demonstrates these techniques on the nubile young newcomer Ela Darling…

You’ll be amazed as Marcus uses these simple techniques to totally disarm Ela, getting her to confess deeply personal things to Marcus on camera…

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